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A community for any and all TV Shows

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Television Icons
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Welcome to 100x100tv
Television Icons for LiveJournal

Everyone is welcome to post, please post away! We do advise you to read the rules first, it helps make life that little bit easier for everyone.

If any changes are made to the rules, a 'Mod-Post' will be made letting you know.

General Rules

  • Please respect other members of the community. (This should go without saying). So, no spamming, flaming or trolling. If you do you will be banned from the community.

Posting Icons

  • Please can you list the names of the TV shows in your icon post as the post title. This is so the maintainer to add them to the community memories.

  • If you have a post with more than 3 icons please can you put the rest behind a cut. {This FAQ} explains how to do <lj-cuts>. It helps users on crappy internet connections.

  • Teaser Icons:
    If you have a multi-fandom post, please can you only use TV icons in your teasers.

  • Keep it 'Work Safe':
    Put any icons with nudity, swearing etc behind a cut and pop a warning on your post. We don't want people getting into trouble with their boss.

  • Linking to other journals:
    Fake <lj-cuts> are fine, but please note on your post if you're linking to another journal.
    DO NOT link to other icon communities.
    If you are fake-cutting to a friends-locked journal please put a warning on your post. There's nothing that annoys people more than visiting a journal and being unable to se the posts.

Taking Icons

  • Crediting Icons:
    Please follow the posters rules for crediting icons. A really nice tutorial on crediting can be {found
    }and there's a LiveJournal FAQ that can be {found

  • Commenting on Icons:
    Some members will ask for feedback on their icons. It's always nice to leave them a comment.

  • Hotlinking:
    Do NOT hotlink other members icons. Bandwidth can be expensive and it's also very rude. If we're told that you're hotlinking you will be removed from the community.

Off-Topic Posts

  • This community is for Television icons. Posts of movie/game icons will be deleted.

  • Posts advertising your community/RPG/Newsletter will be deleted.

Community Promotions

  • If you want to promote your community in 100x100tv please comment to {this post}.

  • To save clogging up the community each month we will post a link to that post so users can see your communities. (Once we get some Paid Account time we'll put a special link at the top of the community linking to it on a permanent basis)

So, you want to Affiliate?

  • If you wish to affiliate with 100x100tv please visit {this post} and leave a comment.


The Community Maintainer is __kali__

The Memories Moderator is {vacant}

Post Moderator is



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